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Published: 2 years ago Updated: 2 years ago 99

Hey guys, long time no read!

Besides being a T-shaped full stack developer at JSGuru (a fancy and made up term I identify with now), additionally I work as part of the sales team and I'm also one of the people that manages our open source efforts

All these responsibilities mean that I have quite a few meetings over the week and I need to produce numbers so we can track our analytics, and that includes the number of downloads of our open source projects.

To make my life a bit easier I made an AI bot that calculates all downloads for a given NPM package and given period... lol just jokin', it's not AI, it's just a few if statements and a function here and there. ;)

A really simple tool but it gets the job done.

Try it out, it might come useful to you as well. I have a few ideas for new features, I'll be adding them from time to time. :)