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"Docendo discimus" – By teaching we learn. I may not know much, but I know more today than I knew yesterday and I'll know tomo

To the straggler who stumbled upon this blog and actually decided to read this post


I started with this blog so I could have some kind of a reference of my knowledge, think of it as a hash map for my brain (so I don't have to lurk stackoverflow when I get stuck from time to time). You know that moment when you just can't remember something that you previously solved, we've all had them, and usually it's something rather trivial.

If I happen to help some lost soul with my tutorials and posts in the process, well that's great, more karma brownie points for me!

I'm an imposter

I am an accountant by vocation but during the last year of my studies I dipped my toes into html/css and php and it reignited the flame of passion for everything that has to do with computers, which I had since I got my first Pentium PC in 1997, but which was flickering since highschool, damn puberty ;).

Long story short, now I work as a full stack php dev in my hometown, in an almost third world country in South Eastern Europe. I feel I am trully blessed to be able to do something I really love and am passionate about.

After working as an accountant, although briefly, but to me it seemed as an eternity, I truly believe that one of the most important things in life is being passionate about our jobs, otherwise we're sentenced to lifelong misery and we will never excel in them.

If you read this post, thank you for your time and hang around, more fun posts about development are coming, from opinions, higher concepts to tutorials I'll be writing it all. I may not know much, but I know more today than I knew yesterday and I'll know tomorrow more than I know today.


Shout out to my mom for sending me to english classes when I was a wee lad, and to the creators of codecademy. Those were the turning points in my life that enabled me to become a developer.


P.S. This website is powered by Foundation, my own restful mvc framework (I hate this word), that's why I called it Foundation, because I think of it as a foundation for modern websites. And to think that only a year ago MVC acronym made my brain 

explode(',', 'neurons');

P.P.S. Disclaimer, website is still work in progress so expect live changes and features not working, sorry I'm impatient and this is my personal website so I can do whatever the f I want :)

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