Bakend - A back end as a service product

Today I'm joining the makers' community! I've been working on a BaaS (backend as a service) product for quite some time, and finally, tonight, the alpha version is up! 

Some of the features are still missing, there are probably some bugs, the UI will not sweep you of your legs, but still 

Bakend is official, check it out!

A couple of months ago I made a teaser post which gathered some traction and to be honest it caught me off guard I did not expect it, or at least not to that extent. That compounded my resolve to finish it through even if it failed miserably in the end. Because, no matter what, there would always be one faithful and passionate customer, me.

It follows a minimalist theme and the focus is on functionality. The reasoning behind this will be explained in more detail in an upcoming article.

Who is the target audience?

You! Yes, you, the person reading this is my audience, a developer with an infinite amount of great ideas but a limited time to build them all. Every one of us has at least one pet project we're working on and often halfway through building it we get yet another great idea and our squirrel-like attention gets diverted to the other project and we start tinkering on it neglecting our first one. The vicious cycle repeats and the TO-DO list just gets bigger and bigger putting even Evernote to shame.

What problem does Bakend solve?

Imagine that instead of wasting your precious time drawing the database schema for the 10th time, writing the CRUD boilerplate code, creating the authorization and authentication logic and all that stuff that's almost the same in 80% of projects you could build it out through a UI with a couple of clicks and test if your idea has sense in a more timely manner?

Bakend comes to the rescue!

If your idea picks up you can continue expanding on it making it even more awesome or you can always export your data and start building something custom, whatever rocks your boat!

Some of the features that are on the road map:

  • Events - attach events to Create/Update/Delete operations which can do things like send an email/SMS or send a push notification, make requests and trigger webhooks, etc. - COOMING SOON
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 - cloud storage integration for larger files. Currently, only files with a size less than 3MB are supported and are stored on Bakend
  • Websockets - publishing messages over web sockets when events happen
  • Mercure - server sent live updates with Mercure protocol

What is the stack?

I'll be writing a more in-depth article about all the technical decisions I made but in short:

  • The API is powered with PHP 7.3 and Laravel 6
  • The UI is a combo of Laravel's Blade, Turbolinks and React JS
  • The DB is PostgreSQL


If you've come this far thank you for reading my announcement and please check it out. If something does not work as you expect or you think it could work better don't hesitate to reach out.

Have fun building your new million-dollar idea!

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